Written Translation



Written Translation Services are required in all industries whenever there is a need to translate a document into a different language than it was originally written.



We render translation services using advanced tools and resources to support the human translator. The options offered to clients span from raw translations using AI-powered platforms, to adding the needed layers of human proofreading of AI-generated translations, to having the entire project handled by skilled translators, as required.


Use of glossary-management and translation memory tools for clients, which documents have repeated vocabulary or content. Examples of these are contracts and annual or quarterly reports, with repeated clauses or paragraphs that vary very little.

Graded cost-scale based on language, topic, volume and resources utilized. This accommodates from a client with a small project, to corporations needing thousands of pages or hours of video content per year.

Expert linguistic support for clients looking for language localization and culturally competent translation of marketing concepts.

Why uniVerse Language?


Quality Assurance

We use the most rigorous quality assurance processes in the industry. Our interpreters belong to many Translators Associations.


Latest Technology

We only use the most advanced Remote Translation & Interpretation technology for seamless integration.


15+ Years Experience

With over 400 events completed each year around the world. We are confident to deliver perfection.


Live Technical Support

We provide 24/7 live technical support on every event for your peace of mind.

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