The most frequently asked questions from our customers.

What is the difference between simultaneous and consecutive interpreting?

Simultaneous interpreters listen to the speaker while at the same time or within a few seconds relay the message to the audience in a different language. Typically used at conferences and large presentations and interpreters work in teams of 2 or 3.

On the other hand, Consecutive Interpreters take more time to relay the interpreted message to their audience. They listen to what the speaker is saying and after a pause they relay the message to the audience. Typically used at business meetings, medical or legal settings and interpreters work alone.

Universe Language specializes and ONLY provides Simultaneous Interpretation Services.

How does simultaneous interpretation work?

Simultaneous interpretation is real-time interpreting and works by an interpreter translating the message of the speaker as they talk. Usually the interpreter has to prepare in advance the material and learn as much as possible about the topic of the conference or meeting to be able to interpret with accuracy what is being presented in a different language. Special interpretation equipment is used such as booths, wireless headsets, and transmitters. 

Where is simultaneous interpretation used?

Simultaneous interpretation is often used in formal large group settings such as conferences, seminars, congresses, conventions, business meetings, training sessions where a multi cultural audience is present and multiple languages are spoken and an interpreter is needed. These settings are perfectly suited for simultaneous interpretation services. 

What are the different types of interpretation?

There are 3 types of interpretation such as simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpreting. Universe Language Solutions only provides and specializes on simultaneous interpretation. Our business model is to be experts and the best providers of one interpretation mode and that is simultaneous interpretation.

Do you sell interpretation equipment?

Yes, Universe Language Solutions is proud to carry a large inventory of the most technologically advanced interpreting equipment available in the market today. We only supply the best interpretation equipment for any size event.