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Closed Captioning refers to transcribing the audio featured in a video or event into text and displaying that text on a screen. We offer this service for pre-recorded content or for live events, both virtual and on-site.



Closed captions can be created either by a human captioner or by an automated program. In the case of live events, both virtual and on-site, the captions are sent using a link that can be placed anywhere on a screen or on an event’s webpage. For pre-recorded content, the captions are created as a separate time-coded file, which is overlaid on the original video.



Closed Captioning services are important for events, conferences or programs in order to communicate what is being discussed to the hearing impaired who are in the audience.


We can caption pre-recorded content in English and/or foreign languages for our clients, and provide the final videos with the captions overlaid in the language of their choice. Companies and organizations can stream the captioned videos on the day of their event or can upload the videos on their event’s or company’s website where the final users can view them on-demand.

We can also caption live events, both virtual and in-person, in English and in foreign languages. This can be achieved using a selection of human captioners, AI-based automated captioning and translation software programs, as well as interpreters, based on the client’s specific needs. Captioners are well-versed in the use of most virtual conference and captioning platforms.

For in-person and hybrid events such as conferences and conventions, we have sent captioners to the convention center or place of the event. The captioner connects their hardware and/or software to the A/V company’s equipment, and the captions can be streamed virtually as well as on the physical on-site screens.


Why uniVerse Language?


Quality Assurance

We use the most rigorous quality assurance processes in the industry. Our interpreters belong to many Translators Associations.


Latest Technology

We only use the most advanced Remote Translation & Interpretation technology for seamless integration.


15+ Years Experience

With over 400 events completed each year around the world. We are confident to deliver perfection.


Live Technical Support

We provide 24/7 live technical support on every event for your peace of mind.

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