Audio Systems for Hybrid Events/Applications, Silent Theaters & Social Distancing



A sophisticated way to connect live presentations, streamed content or a video conference. These audio systems allow for a variety of setup designs, where the audience can interact with the live or virtual presenters/trainers based on the event’s specific needs.



Uses two-way enabled devices (non-Wi-Fi) instead of relying on personal devices. This device carries up to 150 feet radius range of motion and is the size of a cell phone.



With these devices, there are no limitations — the communication can flow back and forth between any virtual platform and one or more in-person groups.


Implement these audio systems for courtrooms, jury selection proceedings, testing sites, large employee-training programs, as well as places with limited or no Wi-Fi or internet connectivity.

Two-way enabled devices (non-Wi-Fi) replaces the personal device each person would normally use, so everyone is able to talk and listen.

A minimum of 150 feet radius of motion, carrying only a device similar to a lavalier microphone. You stream your content on one screen or make your in-person presentation using a microphone, and we take that sound to each individual’s device. It can be one-way, two-way, or multi-way communication, and it can be configured to have different sets of people connected or restricted.

Ability to be custom-tailored based on your needs for audio connection, source, distancing and privacy.


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