Case Study:

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Multi-level marketing company in the wellness market holds weekly meetings with its sales team, requiring language interpretation for approximately 200 Spanish-speaking listeners and about 25 French-Canadian-speaking listeners.



Fast-growing, multi-level marketing company has partnered with UniVerse Language for language interpretation and translation for the past 10 years.

Goals / Challenges


Find a cost-efficient solution for weekly meetings requiring interpretation between English and two languages that would allow company management and featured wellness industry personalities to speak directly to its sales team without incurring the costs of mobilizing the speakers or the audience.


Before the time of Zoom with the interpretation channels, UniVerse designed a parallel-conference system where the speakers joined the main meeting room, and the Spanish- and French-speaking audience would join second and third virtual meeting rooms where the simultaneous interpreters joined as “speakers.”

The video from Room 1 would be shared in Rooms 2 and 3, but only the voice of the interpreters would be heard in those two rooms so that the Latin American and French audience could receive the same message as the English-speaking audience, but in their own language.

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