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Setup of closed audio system, coupled with conference interpretation equipment, to provide confidentiality of all presentations in English and their interpretation into Arabic and other languages. The conference attendees use microphone systems and interpretation equipment provided by UniVerse during 6- to 8-week training programs.



The U.S. Department of Defense conducts military training programs lasting between 6 and 8 weeks, in different command centers across the United States. Many of these programs are designed for military personnel from other countries, which requires interpretation into a variety of languages.

Goals / Challenges


Provision of interpretation services and equipment in secured areas that require security clearance to gain entrance to the training areas.


The client requires closed systems that can’t be accessed outside of the training areas, as well as portable equipment that can be taken to the training field.


For this client, UniVerse designs systems that use a variety of audio and interpretation technologies, which includes hardware as well as platforms and software programs to accommodate the client’s need for privacy and security. 

The technologies include DigiWave, InfraRed, Radio Frequency, among others, and the programs utilized include secure video conferencing and meeting platforms.

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