Case Study:

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A high-tech company will be launching a new cloud-based solution and will be broadcasting to 9,000 company employees, 2,000 of which are in Japan. UniVerse needs to provide interpretation for this event.



Major U.S.-based IT company is planning to share news of its most recent cloud-based solution simultaneously in the U.S. and Japan. UniVerse Language is asked to procure the interpretation services and techs to support the interpreters and interface with the production company technicians.

Goals / Challenges


To provide English and Japanese interpreters with the knowhow and level of expertise to handle terminology related to cloud-based solutions and security.


Can’t use Zoom with this company. Enterprise has a corporate agreement with Microsoft Teams.


Set up of two Microsoft Teams video conferences, one where everyone will join to access the original content being streamed from the United States, and a second one set up exclusively for the Japanese interpretation.

Japanese language speakers join the second meeting and are unable to open their microphones. Only the interpreters have the ability to open their microphones in this second room. It is used as “the interpretation room”

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