Case Study:

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International company is rebranding and will be putting out video content in English and French. Content needs to be localized to the specific markets and it needs to be culturally competent while maintaining the desired impact.



UniVerse provides language interpretation and translation services to this company. The client asks UniVerse to localize and interpret the video content for its francophone markets.

Goals / Challenges


Deep linguistic and cultural competent knowledge is required to cover his project. It is not a simple verbatim word-for-word translation.


Aside from linguistic and cultural goals, all video content needed to be localized during social distancing COVID-19 recommendations.


Assembly of a team consisting of two expert simultaneous interpreters, and two translators/localizers with expertise and knowledge of the company’s target francophone markets to cover the linguistic requirements.

The interpretation team worked from a safety-compliant studio, in separate rooms. UniVerse set up the audio and interpretation equipment to interpret the videos being recorded live, as well as made all required audio and video connections to work with the post-production team on embedding the French audio on the original videos. The translator and the localizer worked remotely but connected via a videoconference platform. 

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