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Major specialty coffee trade show and conference. Interpretation of daily plenary sessions and over 30 educational sessions throughout the trade show. Languages offered are English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. 15,000 tradeshow attendees, 900 international delegates. Conference interpretation equipment is set up in each room requiring interpretation, and radio-frequency receivers are distributed out of two main locations in the convention center.



The convention planner for this event saw the incremental growth of its annual convention and expo, particularly with its international attendance. UniVerse had been its provider for English to Spanish interpretation every year, for a small contingent of attendees from Latin America. As they became leaders in the industry, their event became the international standard, and this started attracting attendees from other parts of the world.

Goals / Challenges


They reached out to UniVerse Language for support with new linguistic demands of the event.


Because of its growth, their yearly expo would now occupy large convention centers, taking over multiple halls and expo areas within the convention center.


This posed logistical challenges, as the people requiring interpretation would be spread out over many areas of large convention centers. Their requirement was to access interpretation in any language of the conference, in any area of the expo and convention.


We needed to be able to transmit to the audience’s smartphones accessible with Wi-Fi, or interpretation equipment available in close proximity to the conference room or expo area where the interpretation was taking place.


UniVerse Language’s large inventory allowed for all languages to be covered throughout the entire convention center or expo area. UniVerse set up the equipment in such a way that interpretation could be accessed with smartphones or with radiofrequency interpretation equipment, based on what was most convenient to the conference attendees.

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