Case Study:

Explore our Closed Captioning for US Government Employees Case Study



A production company needs a partner to support captioning and subtitling services for a virtual annual conference.



UniVerse has been the provider of captioners and subtitlers for this production company for all of their in-person events (on-site at convention centers and venues) for over 10 years.

Goals / Challenges


The virtual annual conference of U.S. federal government employees will require live captioning of all its sessions, plenaries and breakouts.


Captioners will need to know how to work virtually and remotely, and will need to know how to send captions to the production company.


All UniVerse Language captioners assigned to this event are technologically skilled and know how to use captioning platforms that can be accessed by the production company. In this case, all captioners utilized StreamText to send the captions, Each session is assigned its own Session Code which allowed the producers to recognize where each caption source should be placed in order to be streamed with the correct original content. 

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