Case Study:

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Independent and experimental movie production company holding its five-year anniversary required captioning services of its presentations and the “party” gathering they would hold after the official speeches.



New client for UniVerse in 2020, requiring remote captioning services of the movie production company’s five-year anniversary.

Goals / Challenges


Assign a captioner who would be familiarized with Falcon encoders, to caption the meeting and the “party” held after the presentations.


This assignment required captioning and subtitling skills, as well as technological know-how of captioning platforms and equipment.


UniVerse assigned an expert captioner from its database of captioners and subtitlers who are familiarized with all technologies, including encoders such as Falcon, software programs, such as StreamText, among others.

A technologically savvy and highly skilled captioner was assigned to this event. The client’s event was successfully captioned for everyone, and their hard-of-hearing anniversary event attendees enjoyed equal access to this important company’s milestone. 

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