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Translation Services

Translation projects... custom designed to suit the needs of the client.

For the staff of UniVerse Language Solutions™, accuracy in translation goes beyond the translation of words. Meaning, register, tone, and intent are some of the elements that a quality translator must take into account when handling a text. Our aim is to strike a balance between high-quality work, turn-around time and cost.

When to translate?

Many people confuse translation with interpretation. The main difference is that translation is written, while interpretation is verbal. Also, an interpret has a bit more freedom to express the message on the target language, while the translator has to be far more strict with the words and style chosen, since it has to almost perfectly mirror the original source.


  • Legal documents: Wills and trusts, power of attorney, lease documents, real state forms, bill of sale, certification or notarization, among others
  • Medical and healthcare: Patient medical history, releases, pharmaceutical research documents or patents, medicine instructions, etc
  • Technical and scientific documents: forms, instructions and papers for any field
  • Literary: manuscripts, film subtitling or dubbing
  • Website localization: Translate your website to as many languages as you want, while it doesn’t change its looks and it’s culturally adapted each time

The Process

Now that you know what you want to have translated (whether to one target language or to many), what’s the next step? uniVerse Language Solutions wants to make the process a bit easier for you, so we have put together some recommendations to keep in mind before you get a FREE Quote. Of course, we’re always happy to answer all your questions, so don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-731-7609.

  • Decide what documents need to be translated: Analyze your needs and determine what information you want to communicate for your specific purposes
  • Present the translator with the whole entire document: Don’t bring drafts
  • Work with your translator: Discuss how you can get the message across more effectively, using graphic elements to your advantage
  • Consider acculturation: The translator will be able to tell you if some areas of the document need to be completely different to the original, or if big changes need to be added to ensure accuracy
  • Talk to the translator: Tell him/her the goals of the document and the target audience. This will help the translator to do a better job
  • Consider time: Accuracy and perfection are important in every case, and this is not an exception. The translator needs time to get the message translated and perform a great job
  • Be prepared to answer the translator when it comes with questions about the original document:This will ensure a better translation or perhaps will help you identify mishaps you didn’t initially see

Need a translation to meet your sales goals for this year? Want to sell your manuscript to movie producers in another country? Want to see your company grow internationally? uniVerse Language Solutions can help you!

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