Conference Interpreting in
Washington, DC

Washington D.C is a great example of all of America in the fact that there are many different types of people from different nationalities and even who speak different languages. There is no surprise then that there would be a need to conference interpreting and other interpretation services in the DC area.

Universal Language is available in Washington DC to help businesses or individuals just like you with their interpretation needs. Sometimes it’s just not fitting to have a written translation. Sometimes your foreign clients or investors want to visit you face to face. Sometimes you need to hold a conference with someone who speaks a different language. These are all common obstacles that many businesses or organizations face.

However, there is now an alternative option. You can receive simultaneous translators with years of qualified experience in the language to help you with whatever you need. Additionally, you can also get interpretation equipment, conference interpreters and more. If a live interpreter is not needed for your needs, you may find use from the interpretation equipment available to Washington DC.

Interpreting equipment can also be purchased or rented to help you for a temporary occasion or more long-term interpretation needs. With this interpretation equipment, you can converse with many different types of people of different languages from all over the world. This can be very helpful to both large corporations and small DC businesses just trying to make their way.

An interpreter is a person who takes a source language and converts it into a target language. Interpretation is not a word for word verbatim translation of the original language. If it were, the end result would not likely make very much sense. It would likely be full of context and syntax errors.

These are the types of mistakes that happen when someone unqualified attempts to interpret a conversation they may not be qualified to do. This can cause some pretty serious language barriers and misunderstandings between your business and whoever you’re trying to speak with.

Remember, conference interpreting in Washington DC is available from Universal Language. We can assure you that your interpreting needs will be met only by qualified and experience interpreters or the best interpreting equipment found in the industry. We’re reliable, experienced and located right in the place you need us. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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