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So far you may know you need the services of professional simultaneous interpreters or translators for your event or conference, but you’re probably still not sure of what the process of simultaneous interpreting entails.

First, let us remind you that uniVerse Language Solutions™ offers a full range of high-quality language services, from simultaneous interpreting, conference interpretation, consecutive interpreting, document translation, and many other instances in which two or more languages are necessary in order to achieve direct communication.

Now that you know this, we want to give you a brief explanation of how the process of interpretation works with our simultaneous interpreters. In the world of interpretation, the words “language combination” are commonly used. This expression refers to the languages an interpreter uses professionally. Now, these languages can be subdivided into ‘active’ and ‘passive’ languages.

  • A language: The interpreter’s mother tongue, which the interpreter translates from to other working languages.
  • B language: The language into which the interpreter works. This might not be the interpreter’s mother tongue, but it’s one the interpreter has perfect command.

‘Passive’ languages are those languages of which the interpreters have absolute understanding, and from which they interpret.

Most common languages

Our interpreters and translators come from all over the world. They are professional, educated simultaneous and consecutive interpreters who perfectly speak their mother tongue and have other active and passive language skills into which they interpret or translate with maximum accuracy.

But what are those common languages that most people need interpretation and translation to or from?

You could immediately think English is the number one language, and although it’s spoken for over 500 million people in the world, English is only ONE of the most popular languages for translation and interpretation.
English is indeed the number one for Internet services and business transactions, but in the science field, German is very close to take the lead. Now, Mandarin is the most commonly used language in the world. The incredible amount of population in China has made this language a very important one in the world of business, sales and trade services, among others.

This comes to show that not only one language has the most demand. It all depends on the needs of each company or each person, and in that regard, the most common languages for simultaneous interpreters are:

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Korean
  • Arabic 
  • Chinese

Call UniVerse Language Solutions at 1-888-731-7609 to get the simultaneous interpreters you need for your event or specific task. Tell us what your needs are and we’ll provide you with the most talented and professionals interpreters, skilled people who will help you achieve your goals and open the door to a whole new world of possibilities.

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