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In many cases, people who participate on a conference or a trade show don’t even acknowledge the hard work done by their simultaneous interpreter. And, frankly, that’s one of the goals of all of the interpreters at uniVerse Language Solutions™.

The reason is simple. The simultaneous interpretation is done so smoothly, so perfect, so accurate, that those participating truly feel like they spoke directly to the other person they’re doing business with. The interpreter becomes an invisible figure and both people feel they can speak freely and at their own pace.

Need one of those professional, knowledgeable simultaneous interpreters? Call 1-888-731-7609, and we’ll provide you with a group or a couple of interpreters that will get the job done. Our team is composed by solid, multi-lingual, talented and native-language interpreters and translators, who master the techniques and the knowledge to proved the best services. From Russian to English, from Spanish to French or Greek, we can get you the right interpreter to assure your message is clear and perfectly understood.

The Qualities of an Simultaneous Interpreter

There’s a difference between an interpreter and a translator. Both are skilled professionals, able to communicate in different languages. But the point that differentiates them is that the interpreter does the job on the spot, verbally, while the translator usually does it on a written form, and not necessarily at the same time the communication between two people is happening.

Simultaneous Interpreters have to think and speak at the same time, and this ability is very hard to achieve, since precision and accuracy ought to be intricate qualities of their job. So, next time you participate on any conference, trade-show, meeting or any other circumstance in which interpreters and/or translators are participating as well, keep in mind what their qualities are, and value their hard work:

  • Knowledge: They master both the source and the active (also called target) language and they’re 100 per cent capable of communicating in such languages in verbal and written forms
  • Resourcefulness: They get the message across instantly, using not only their language skills but also their knowledge of the subject matter of the conference or meeting
  • Intuition: In order to perform better in their everyday activities, they develop abilities to improvise and to construe facts in fast manner 
  • Education: Simultaneous interpreters and translators are college-educated professionals
  • Good Manners: Their voice is pleasant, and their manners are appropriate for interaction with one or dozens of people
  • Cultured: Their knowledge of the world allows them to act with tact and to sort many unexpected situations

UniVersal Language Solutions counts with highly skilled, true language professionals, whom you can count on from the moment you come to us with questions about our services. Our simultaneous interpreters are trained to help you make your points on any target language, and you can always be sure that you’ll be understood, no matter if you’re discussing tricky topics such as legal, political, economic, cultural or technical matters.

Get a quote or call us at 1-888-731-7609. We can provide the best simultaneous interpreters, along with the simultaneous interpreting equipment you need for your conference or event. Start communicating with the world right now! Call today.

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