Whispering Interpretation Services

Woman Shows LoopholeWhispering interpretation is the simplest form of language interpretation used because you don’t need any type of equipment to perform this service. The interpreter doesn’t actually whisper because that would strain the vocal cords after a few minutes. Instead, he’ll speak in a normal voice but using a very low tone so he does not disturb others in the room.

One interpreter can only interpret to one or maybe two people since he is speaking in a low, soft voice. If more than a couple of people need the information interpreted, then you’ll need more than one interpreter or a different type of interpretation service.

This type of interpreter is most often used when negotiating business privately with a client or when holding small informal group meetings. The interpreter will stand or sit beside of you in the meeting and interpret the information directly to you. Whispering interpretation services is also used during site visits because the interpreter can easily walk along beside you since there is no equipment needed.

If you plan to travel to a foreign country for business or pleasure, the whispering interpreter can also travel with you as a personal escort to make your trip more productive. For whatever reason you need this type of service, you do need a qualified interpreter that you can depend on to do a professional job.

Professional Whispering Interpretation Services Is Necessary

Even though this type of language interpreting is the most casual of all services provided, you still need the information to be interpreted in a professional and efficient manner. For this reason, an experienced and knowledgeable interpreter such as the ones here at UniVerse Language Solutions should perform the whispering interpretation.

In the event you need to address the speakers, the interpreter can interpret your message for you. However, if you think this will be necessary, discuss it with the interpreter in advance to make sure you’re getting the right kind of service. Every situation is different, so you might benefit more from a different type of language interpreter depending on the circumstances.

Work With the Interpreter to Prepare for Your Meetings

Before any meeting, talk to your interpreter and let him know exactly what to expect. He needs to know what type of meeting you’re attending along with the subject discussed. This will ensure your interpreter has the knowledge and skills to interpret the information correctly. For example, you don’t want a medical interpreter to accompany you to a meeting where the topic of discussion focuses on scientific material. He wouldn’t have the skills and training to do the job properly.

If you plan to visit a site or attend a dinner to continue the negotiations over a meal, the interpreter also needs to know all the details in advance so he can plan properly. Everything will go much smoother when you provide adequate information in advance.

The goal of the whispering interpreter is interpret the information in such a way that it does not interrupt the meeting or disturb others around you. A well-prepared, professional interpreter will ensure everything goes according to plan.