Telephone Interpreting Services: Get the Most from Your Conversations

Customer ServicesAs your business expands to include foreign clients, you’ll need telephone interpreting services at some point. There are many reasons why you would need to talk to your clients and seeing them in person is not always an option. It’s less expensive and more efficient to conduct a lot of your business by phone and modern technology and interpretation services have made it easier than ever to do.

The two main things you need to do to get the most from your phone conversations are create the right environment and invest in good quality equipment. When the time arrives, these tips can help ensure everything goes smoothly.

The Quality of Your Equipment Does Matter When Using Telephone Interpreting Services

Have you ever tried to hold a conference meeting when your telephone was making crackling noises or when the call is cutting in and out? Not only is it very annoying but it can also create misunderstandings that can prevent you from closing important deals. Now, imagine how difficult it would be for a telephonic interpreter to do his job efficiently under these conditions.

For this reason, telephone conference interpretation requires a quality phone system that provides a clear transmission without interferences that can distort the messages and make it difficult for the interpreter to do his job. When the conference call includes using the computer, make sure you have a dependable broadband connection to avoid interruptions.

Create the Right Environment

It doesn’t matter how good your equipment is if you have a lot of background noises that make it difficult for the interpreter to do his job. Telephonic interpretation is classified as consecutive interpretation and it requires a lot of concentration. The interpreter has to listen carefully to the speaker, interpret the message and relay it to the receiving party.

If there are people talking in the background or equipment running drowning out the speaker, the interpreter won’t be able to do a quality job. For this reason, it’s imperative that you set up all telephone conferences in a quiet room where interruptions are limited.

Ensure Accuracy with These Tips

Telephone interpreting services are available to help you communicate more efficiently with your foreign clients. The interpreter is only there to relay the messages between you and the other party and nothing more. He doesn’t offer his opinion or make suggestions concerning your conversation and all information discussed during the phone conference is confidential.

To ensue your messages are being interpreted accurately, talk to the interpreter in first person as if he is the client. Since he will be interpreting everything you say as you speak, it would be confusing if you did not use first person or if you added anything not relevant to the conversation.

Keep your sentences short and to the point and allow breaks in-between for the interpreter to relay your message and the reply. When the other person is speaking, remain quiet and wait for the interpreter to finish before speaking again. Take breaks if the meeting is lasting more than about 20 to 30 minutes so the telephonic interpreter can rest.

When you follow these tips, use the right equipment and create a suitable environment, all of your phone meetings will be more productive.