Simultaneous Language Interpretation is the ONLY Thing we do!

What’s Better:   A Generalist or a Specialist?


OK – I’m going to make you work a little bit this time.  Here’s a Quiz for you:

You live in Florida;  It’s July;  The Air Conditioner in your Toyota just stopped working!  Where do you take your car to get the A/C fixed?

a.)    The local tire shop where the signs on the building say:  “Tires, Brakes, Alignments, Transmissions, and A/C”?

b.)    The Service Department at the nearby Jeep Dealer?

c.)     Your Brother-In-Law, Murry, who says he fixed his own A/C once.

d.)    The Toyota Dealer where you bought the vehicle – which happens to have a complete, separate Heat & A/C department dedicated strictly to Toyota vehicles?

You walk into the unused guest room of your house;  You’re in bare feet and the carpet is soaked;  You go into the garage and discover the Water Heater has sprung-a-leak and flooded the entire garage and guest bedroom.  Who do you call?

a.)    A “Handyman” you find on Craigslist who says he fixes everything?

b.)    Home Depot to see how much a new Heater costs – because you have a Soldering Iron and figure you can “Do-It-Yourself”?

c.)     The first “General Plumbing” company that pops up on Google?

d.)    A bit more “Googling” yields:  “Water Heater Express” who claim,…  “Repairing/Replacing Hot Water Heaters is the ONLY thing we do.  There are 32 items on your Water Heater we can fix BEFORE we are forced to change your entire Water Heater.  We’ll show up within an hour and have you ‘All Fixed Up’ within two”.

Your 7-year old son hasn’t been feeling well;  You get some tests done;  The results come back;  He’s diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)!  (Editor’s Note:  RELAX!  This is only a blog post – but this scenario does make for a good example dudn’t  :).  So where do you take your son?

a.)    Take him back to the “Family Doc”?

b.)    Take him to one of the doctors the Family Doc suggested – who are staff doctors at the nearby hospital?

c.)     Take him to New Orleans to the best “Voodoo Witch Doctor” you can find?

d.)    Get on Google again (how did we ever live without Google,…?) and find Dr. Spock of “The Child’s Leukemia Center of YOUR City” where Dr. Spock’s bio reads:

“I have treated and cared for children with Leukemia my entire 33 year career.  In fact, for the last 16 years, I have done nothing but research the disease and treat children under the age of 10 that are diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).”

Well, by now I’m pretty sure you get the point – and I could probably stop right here.   But the fact is,…  I’m on a “Roll” so you’re just going to have to “Put Up With Me”.  Therefore, I shall Press On.

And the Obvious Point is:

If you’re looking for Simultaneous Language Interpretation provider, why choose a “Generalist” when you can have a “Specialist”?

Now given the above scenarios, why would you even consider going anywhere else but to the Specialist?   The Specialist “Is Exactly” what you need.  The Specialist “Does Exactly” what you need done.  The Specialist is the perfect match between Problem & Solution – because, well,… he’s The Specialist.

Now I’m pretty sure, simply because you’re here reading this, that at one point or another you’ve looked for Simultaneous Language Interpretation service providers.  And I bet this is what you found:  Just about every provider you dug up on the internet claimed to “Do It All”.  Meaning:

    • Legal, Medical, Corporate Transcriptions
    • Document, Technical, Web Site Translation
    • Audience Response systems
    • Keypad Voting Devices
    • Voice-Over Service
    • Web-Cast Dubbing
    • Telephone Interpreting (Consecutive)
    • Legal Interpreting (in the courtroom)
    • Medical Interpreting (between doctor & patient)
    • And Finally,… Simultaneous Language Interpretation

Truth be known,… Universe did a lot of that in the past as well – particularly a lot of written translation.  But some number of years ago, it became pretty clear that trying to “Be-All-Things-To-All-People” just wasn’t an effective business model.  It’s just plain hard trying to be good at everything – if not Impossible!  So Universe made the decision to strip it all away except Simultaneous Language Interpretation.

So over the past 15-Years and Having worked Hundreds & Hundreds of Simultaneous Language Interpretation events,…

Simultaneous Language InterpretationHere’s where we’ve worked:

    • Small Hotels
    • Huge Hotels/Resorts
    • Convention Centers
    • University Campuses
    • Corporate Headquarters
    • Theme Parks
    • Government Facilities


Simultaneous Language InterpretationHere’s who we’ve worked for:

    • Corporate/Private/Governmental End Clients
    • Event Planners
    • Production Companies
    • Audio/Visual Companies
    • Independent/Individual Language Interpreters
    • Other Simultaneous Language Interpretation Service Providers


Simultaneous Language InterpretationHere are some of the Difficulties we’ve conquered:

    • General Radio Frequency Interference
    • Placing the Interpretation Booths behind the stage where the massive amount of A/V equipment  kills the Radio Frequency broadcast to the audience
    • Events where the Music, Audience, Sound System is louder than the Interpreter’s voices
    • Locations where this is no room for an Interpretation Booth (or not an “Entire” booth)
    • Equipment/Booths that don’t fit into the venue’s elevators
    • Interpretation Equipment failures
    • No sound system to feed audio (the presentation itself) into the Interpretation Booth
    • The distance between the A/V Platform (our audio feed source) and the booth itself being too far apart to connect with normal cabling
    • Managing the Distribution/Collection of the audience’s individual Receivers (up to 6,000 of them for a single event)

OK – Think I’m finally running out of gas.  But let me leave you with a fun Challenge.  I Challenge you to call any of the three of us here at Universe and try to “Stump” any of us with a question, problem, or issue of any kind.  Go ahead.  Here’s our direct phone numbers.

Carlos Solis  (504)512-2012Simultaneous Language Interpretation

          • Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment
          • Shipping, Logistics, Transportation
          • Equipment Sales/Rentals
          • Troubleshooting/Technical Issues


Giovanna Serrano  (504)528-8675Simultaneous Language Interpretation

          • Language Interpreters
          • Contracts/Schedules/Finance
          • Interpreter/Technician Assignments
          • Event Preparation & Structuring


Simultaneous Language InterpretationKevin Enos  (407)535-1810

          • On-Site Event Execution/Management
          • Equipment Technician
          • Client/Venue/Staff Liaison
          • Sound System/Microphone/Audio Engineer


Here’s the point:  I claim that you can’t talk to any one of us (regarding our particular piece of the business) for more than 3-4 minutes without it becoming crystal clear that we REALLY KNOW THIS BUSINESS!  We REALLY know what we’re doing.  And that we REALLY ARE “Specialists” at Simultaneous Language Interpretation.

Love to hear your comments below (or at least know that you survived all the way to the end of this post),…