Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment: Why It’s So Important

Rows Of Chairs In Conference RoomEfficient communication is essential in order to conduct any type of business meeting efficiently but it’s even more important when dealing with foreign clients. In this situation, simultaneous interpretation services will provide you with the resources you need for success. You’ll have access to simultaneous interpreters that specialize in different languages, who’ll provide you with means to communicate efficiently.

Normally, you’ll need at least two interpreters per meeting so they can switch off every 20 to 30 minutes. This will help to prevent fatigue while allowing the meeting to go on without interruptions. For large meetings such as international conferences where several languages are spoken, you’ll need two interpreters per each language. You’ll also need simultaneous interpretation equipment to help ensure all messages are relayed correctly.

Types of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

There are several different types of equipment used in simultaneous interpretation. What you need will depend on the type of meeting you’re hosting and how many people will be attending. Here at UniVerse Language Solutions we have every type of equipment needed to conduct successful meetings of all sizes, no matter the type of business you have.

Below are the most common types of simultaneous interpreting equipment available along with a brief description of each:

  • Soundproof Booths- The booths provide a quiet place for the interpreters to do their job efficiently. You need to place them where the interpreters can see the speakers directly and they must meet EU and ISO standards.
  • Transmission systems- These transmit the information between the interpreters and speakers and you have two types to choose from. Radio frequency systems have a very long transmission range and they’re the easiest to set up, so they’re the most used systems. Infrared transmission systems use electromagnetic radiation. Even though they have a shorter range, they are immune to radio interference so they’re mostly used when security is of the utmost importance.
  • Microphones and Headsets- These must be of excellent quality to prevent outside noises from bleeding in causing a distraction and disrupting the meeting.
  • Portable Equipment- When you need interpretation equipment on the go, the portable carry case contains a headset, two microphones and a transmitter.

When you use our services, a technician will set up, check and monitor the equipment to ensure it works correctly throughout the entire meeting. We will also remove the equipment and clean up the site after the conference is over.

Why Choosing Quality Equipment Is So Important

Holding international business meetings is a huge task and the success of these meetings depends on your ability to communicate efficiently. Your goal is to show the attendees how your company can benefit them whether you’re discussing a partnership with other professionals in the industry or promoting a new product or service.

The equipment you use will determine how well the communications go. If it breaks down in the middle of the meeting, that will create a bad impression on your business. The same is true if you’re not clearly transmitting the messages due to poor equipment. We can help make your meetings a success by providing quality interpretation equipment you can depend on along with professional simultaneous interpretation services.