How to Plan a Successful Foreign Business Trip

Business And Pleasure 1Traveling to foreign countries is a big part of international marketing. You can learn a lot about your target audience and meet with professionals that can help grow your company by traveling to these areas. However, conducting business abroad takes careful planning to ensure success and it involves some extensive research.

Follow Proper Protocol on Your Foreign Business Trip

The way people conduct business is different in every country and what is considered acceptable in one area, may be offensive in another. For example, in some countries, it’s considered disrespectful to show up late for a meeting and in others, it’s customary to give gifts during business meetings. Not using the proper titles or mispronouncing names as you greet people is very offensive in some countries while in others, it’s rude if you don’t engage in small talk for a short period at the beginning of the meeting.

Some cultures enjoy conducting business while eating and others consider this practice unprofessional. Different countries also have different holidays, religious customs and workweeks that you must consider. With so many different cultures and ways of conducting business, you need to know proper protocol to avoid making a mistake that could cost your company a major deal and that requires extensive research.

Include Interpretation Services In Your Plans

The biggest obstacle you’ll face during your travels is the language barrier. You can’t conduct business if you can’t communicate efficiently. It takes years to learn a new language and to understand the culture of the foreign country you plan to visit but fortunately, that’s no longer necessary thanks to interpretation services.

Below are some of the benefits you’ll receive when using interpretation services during foreign business trips:

  • It helps you establish a relationship and build trust with your foreign clients and business partners. Interpreters are also familiar with the local customs and culture, so he can advise you on how to avoid insulting or offending anyone.
  • It reduces confusion and eliminates the risks of saying the wrong thing, which could lead to misunderstandings that could prevent your company from closing deals.
  • It shows respect because your company has made the effort to conduct business in the native language of those you meet with.
  • It helps you explain your business proposals and project plans more thoroughly, which will help you close more business deals.

Interpreters help to bridge the language gap so you can communicate more efficiently when marketing you business in foreign countries. Here at UniVerse Language Solutions, we offer a wide variety of interpretation services to help your company plan a successful foreign business trip and you can also request a free price quote for the services you need.

Plan All Meetings In Advance

Before traveling to the foreign country, set up and plan all of your meetings in advance. Make sure you send out all invitations early enough for people to make plans to be present and to receive verification that everyone can make it.

Scheduling one meeting in the morning and one in the afternoon is usually a good plan because it allows time in-between meetings to prepare for the next one. It also allows you extra time in case you’re invited to a luncheon or dinner to discuss your plans more thoroughly in a more relaxed setting.

Planning all meetings in advance, following proper protocol and using language interpretation services will go a long ways in making sure all of your foreign business trips are a success.