Interpretation Equipment and Rentals

Interpreting equipmentIf one’s line of work includes interacting with foreign partners, then multilingual meetings represent one of the key activities, where the most important aspect is making sure the interpretation part is done professionally and impeccably.

Taking care of this matter is two-fold – finding the right interpreter and acquiring the best interpretation equipment. It is rather challenging to manage sensitive business matters through these meetings without being able to communicate directly, so make sure that the channels through which the translated messages reach everyone are above all reliable and top quality.

The Types of Interpretation Equipment to Choose From

When deciding on the right type of technical support of interpretation, there are several options to choose from, depending on your preferences and capabilities. In brief, there are two main wireless technologies for transmitting the interpreted messages: the radio and the infrared. Radio frequency equipment is easy to install, provides good quality of sound, has a wide coverage and rejects radio interference to a high degree. Infrared systems, on the other hand, are trickier to install, but they are immune to radio interference and they provide a higher transmission security. However, radio equipment has the comparative advantage of being portable and it can also be used for the outdoors activities, which is not the case with the infrared equipment. So choosing the right option requires certain considerations first.

What To Consider When Choosing the Type of Equipment

Before one decides to rent out an interpretation equipment, one should think about different aspects of the event. First of all, the type of venue and the size of audience have a significant impact on your final choice. Then there is a question of how portable you need your equipment to be. Will the interpreter be in a soundproof booth? If so, what will be the location of the booth and is there an additional equipment a booth may require? Will there be a two-way communication and do you need a multi-channel receivers? Will there be two working languages or more? If there are more than two languages, will there be separate transmitters for each language or separate booths for each language? There are indeed many questions to be answered, but the more detailed the requirements, the better set of equipment will be chosen in the end.

A Range of Interpretation Products

Simultaneous interpretation is a sensitive and complex process. A line of conditions needs to met in order for the whole performance to go smoothly and flawlessly. Therefore, there is a whole range of products that the proper equipment consists of and it includes interpretation booths, interpreter consoles, headphones and microphones for interpreter(s), headphones for audience, microphones for speakers, wireless transmitters and receivers. All these separate products have a range of their own and making the best choice is again dependent on the features of the event, the venue and ones preferences. Finally, with the maximum information about the occasion at disposal and in consultations the equipment provider, the final result will be an enjoyable experience with simultaneous interpretation.