International Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

businessman with financial symbols coming from handWhen marketing a business internationally, you can’t use the same strategies that made your business a success in your home country. The type of currency used, the laws associated with transporting goods and the language spoken are some of the differences you’ll need to deal with but that’s not all.

Consumer buying habits and needs will also be much different, which means that you can’t use the same strategies that have led you to success in your home country. You’ll need to adjust your strategies to match these changes and avoid the three most common international marketing mistakes below.

Not Changing Your Marketing Strategies to Match Consumer Needs

One of the biggest mistakes companies make with international marketing is trying to market their business in the same way they do in their own country. This is not going to work for several reasons but mainly because people are different and they expect different things from the products they use.

The buying habits of your targeted audience will be much different from what you’re used to. For example, where and when consumers buy along with what items they buy the most will not be the same, which means the marketing methods needed to reach these consumers will also be different.

While there may be a few items that sell well in both countries, most consumers in the foreign country will be interested in different products. In fact, you may find that a specific item that barely gets any sales in your home country is quite popular in another. You must learn the difference in the cultures and do research to discover which items are the most valuable to these consumers and market accordingly.

Not Using Online Resources Appropriately

When it comes to online marketing, your website does matter. You need website translation to translate your information into the language spoken by the consumers in the country you’re targeting. You should do the same with your social media sites so consumers can get to know you better in their language.

Consumers will be more likely to consider using your company when the information is in their own language. All of your ads should also be in the native language of the targeted country and that is something else that our professionals here at UniVerse Language Solutions can help with.

Not Using Professional Interpretation Services

The importance of hiring a professional interpretation service can’t be stressed enough. Proper communication is an essential part of running any business and you can’t afford to take chances. There’s more to interpreting languages than simply translating the words. For example, you need to interpret the meaning of the words because they have different meanings in different languages. If you just interpret the words, you may be sending the wrong message.

Another reason to use professional interpretation services is that these experts can help your company avoid embarrassing situation such as having a slogan that is insulting or that means something inappropriate in the new language.

By avoiding these common international marketing mistakes, you’ll greatly improve your odds of success when venturing into the foreign market.