Global Marketing Tips for Your Growing Business

global marketing tipsThe way you market your products has a major impact on the success of your business. When you choose the right marketing techniques, it’ll create interest in your company but it takes time to discover what works for your particular type of business. You need to use a variety of techniques to help you reach more potential customers and you’ll need to update your strategies to match the changes that take place as your company grows.

For example, once your company begins marketing your products on a global scale, you’ll need to make changes to your marketing strategies. Your goal is to match the needs of the consumer in the foreign country in which you choose to expand your business. While it will take some trial and error to find the techniques that work best for your particular company, the global marketing tips below will help your growing business get you off to a great start.

Global Marketing Should Include Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites will help you establish yourself as an expert and build your reputation as a company you can trust. Consumers all over the world use social networks to follow the companies they have an interest in and it’s also a chance for you to get to know your audience better. You can learn what consumers look for and expect in your products and this will help you cater to their needs better. You can also join social media discussion groups associated with your industry to attract attention to your company.

Hire an Interpretation Service

Global marketing is full of new challenges and communicating efficiently with your new target audience is one of them. You need an interpretation service to help you bridge the communication gap but to understand the wants, needs and buying habits of your new audience, you have to understand their culture.

Here at UniVerse Language Solutions, our experts have extensive knowledge of the culture and buying habits associated with the language in which they specialize. In other words, they have the skills to ensure proper communication and to help you understand your target audience better. You can contact us to request a free quote for our services and to learn more about our company.

Promote What Your Products Can Do

One very effective way to get consumer attention is to promote what your products can do, not the product itself. Consumers are shopping for products or services that solve the everyday problems they encounter. For example, the mother of a bored toddler is looking for ways to keep her child happy and entertained throughout the day.

The company that shows the mom how their products will keep children entertained for hours while providing mental or physical stimulation solves her problem and that is the company that will get her business. Consumers all over the globe look for the products that will take care of their needs, so when you solve problems with your products, your business will grow.

These global marketing tips can help your company successfully introduce your products or services to foreign consumers as your business continues to grow.

Website SEO Tips for International Marketing


As you may already know, search engine optimization is a very important part of your online marketing strategy. It’s how users find you when searching for the products you offer. If you don’t update your SEO tactics as soon as changes take place or if you’re not using it correctly, your business will suffer especially when you’re targeting consumers in a foreign country.

Your website is the main link between you and your international customers. It gives them a way to learn about the products that you have to offer. It makes it possible to reach consumers that you wouldn’t be able to reach with any other method but it’s not going to be effective if your site is not showing up in searches. You need to use good SEO techniques or no one will be able to find you.

Five Website SEO Tips for International Marketing

When you begin marketing your products internationally, you’ll need to make changes in your SEO techniques to match your target audience. The techniques you’re using now will not be effective because of the cultural differences.

Below are five website SEO tips for international marketing that will help move you up in search rank so your targeted audience can find you:

  1. Use Relevant Keywords- The keywords and phrases you use will be different for each country, so simply translating the keywords you use now is not effective. You’ll need to do extensive research to determine what is most relevant to your new audience.
  2. Understand Consumer Buying Habits- When you understand the buying habits of these consumers, it will help you choose relevant keywords because you’ll know the common phrases they use when searching for products. This is where professional translation services can really make a difference.
  3. Build Quality Back Links- Quality back links from reliable sources will tell search engines that your site has valuable information and that will help move you up in rank where users can find you easier.
  4. Monitor Your Keywords- Monitoring your keywords will help you determine which ones are working and which ones need to be replaced. Tools like Google Analytics will help you monitor the effectiveness of your keywords and more.
  5. Use Keywords Properly- All keywords need to describe the product or associated content accurately in order to be effective. Use your main keywords in your titles, the beginning of the text, once in the content and in your descriptions.

Here at UniVerse Language Solutions, we offer website translations and our translators have extensive knowledge of the culture associated with the languages they specialize in.

Post Content Relevant to Your Targeted Audience

The content you post must be relevant to your targeted audience. It’s not enough to simply have the content you’re using locally translated because consumers in a foreign country are not going to be interested in the same information that your current visitors enjoy.

Some of the information will be the same such as content on how to use certain products correctly but they’ll also want to see content that is relevant to their particular area. By providing good, quality content specific to the area you’re targeting, you’ll attract more viewers, which will help move you up in rank.

Using good SEO techniques is a vital part of international marketing and these tips will help ensure your website is showing up in searches.

Tips for Buying Real Estate in a Foreign Country

Female Hands With HouseAre you searching for a great place to retire or maybe to buy a vacation home? Perhaps you’re planning to extend your business so you’re searching for commercial real estate. Instead of staying in the same area, many individuals and companies are buying real estate in foreign countries. There are many excellent opportunities available but purchasing property in a foreign county does have its challenges.

Since you’re not familiar with the area, you have to do your research to look for the best location to buy property. This is time consuming but very necessary in order to find the real estate that suits your specific needs. The language barrier is another big problem. You can’t do business with someone if you can’t communicate with each other efficiently.

However, you don’t have to let these obstacles stand in your way. There are things you can do to ensure you’re happy with your purchase when buying real estate in a foreign country and these tips can help.

Visit the Area before Buying Real Estate in a Foreign Country

With the Internet and technology available today, you can take care of business all across the globe without ever leaving your area, including buying real estate. However, when buying property in a foreign country, it’s wise to take a trip and visit the area before making a final decision.

Visiting the area will allow you to meet the locals and see what the community is like before you make a major investment. If you travel with a consecutive interpreter, he can help you communicate with the locals more efficiently so you can learn even more about the area.

Visiting the location where you want to invest will also make it easier for you to find the best property for your specific needs. Real estate often looks different in person than it does in photos, so seeing it for yourself will help you determine if it’s what you really want.

Hire an Interpretation Service

Before you negotiate any deals or sign any contracts to buy property in a foreign county, you need consecutive and translation interpretation services to ensure you’re making the best choice. Whether you’re buying personal property or commercial real estate, it’s imperative that you have a clear line of communications before closing any deals.

The interpreter will help you negotiate the deal by providing a clear line of communication between you and the seller. The translator will ensure all paperwork is in order, so you don’t have to worry about misunderstandings that could cause you serious problems later.

Buying real estate in a foreign country offers many benefits but only if you take the steps necessary to make sure you’re actually getting the deal you think you are. Visiting the country and personally finding the property you want to purchase will ensure you find the right location whether you’re searching for personal property or commercial real estate.

Using a language interpretation service will enhance communications so you can negotiate the best deal. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that you covered all of the details before signing the paperwork.

3 Tips for Entering the Foreign Market

International marketing International marketing is not just for the large corporations anymore. Anyone can grow their business by reaching out to the foreign market provided you have resources to provide your products or service to these new clients. Before you can get started, you’ll need to choose which country you want to reach out to first. Make sure there is a need for your products and that the competition is low or moderate. If there is already ample supply for the products you offer, it will be difficult to get established.

Once you have determined where you want to pursue your marketing efforts and outlined what steps you need to take to get started, the following tips for entering the foreign market can help ensure your success.

Have Practical Expectations

If you expect to go out and create a huge revenue for your business in a short period, you could be very disappointed. It takes time to establish a business in a foreign market and success is not going to come overnight. You’ll need to build up your reputation, acquire business partners and slowly grow your company in order to obtain loyal customers that will help you reach your long-term goals.

For this reason, you need to make sure your company is financially stable and able to withstand the extra strain that marketing internationally will create until business picks up in the new country. There is the possibility that your efforts will not be a success, so you should also prepare for this financially before entering the foreign market.

Hire an Interpretation Service

Foreign marketing opens up many new doors for companies but before you can venture out and expand your business internationally, you’ll need a way to communicate efficiently. You’ll encounter a wide variety of clients who speak different languages and you’ll need to be prepared to communicate with each of them, which is why you need an interpretation service at your disposal.

This is something that should be taken care at the very beginning, when you first start making plans to expand your business. You don’t want to find yourself in need of this service before you’re ready. Choosing a company in advance will give you time to do your research and find the best match for your international language interpretation needs.

Know Your Market

Marketing in a foreign country is totally different from what you’re probably used to. You’ll need to understand  and adhere to the laws pertaining to importing and exporting goods that includes consumer protection, customs, currency issues and taxations to name a few. Depending on your type of business, you may also need to be familiar with environmental issues and the rules and regulations associated with consumer health.

Branching out into the foreign market can help your business grow but it’s not something you can do without being fully prepared for the challenges that go along with it. Understanding your market, having practical expectations and making sure you have a language interpretation service available so you can communicate efficiently, will help put you on the road to success.