Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment: Why It’s So Important

Rows Of Chairs In Conference RoomEfficient communication is essential in order to conduct any type of business meeting efficiently but it’s even more important when dealing with foreign clients. In this situation, simultaneous interpretation services will provide you with the resources you need for success. You’ll have access to simultaneous interpreters that specialize in different languages, who’ll provide you with means to communicate efficiently.

Normally, you’ll need at least two interpreters per meeting so they can switch off every 20 to 30 minutes. This will help to prevent fatigue while allowing the meeting to go on without interruptions. For large meetings such as international conferences where several languages are spoken, you’ll need two interpreters per each language. You’ll also need simultaneous interpretation equipment to help ensure all messages are relayed correctly.

Types of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

There are several different types of equipment used in simultaneous interpretation. What you need will depend on the type of meeting you’re hosting and how many people will be attending. Here at UniVerse Language Solutions we have every type of equipment needed to conduct successful meetings of all sizes, no matter the type of business you have.

Below are the most common types of simultaneous interpreting equipment available along with a brief description of each:

  • Soundproof Booths- The booths provide a quiet place for the interpreters to do their job efficiently. You need to place them where the interpreters can see the speakers directly and they must meet EU and ISO standards.
  • Transmission systems- These transmit the information between the interpreters and speakers and you have two types to choose from. Radio frequency systems have a very long transmission range and they’re the easiest to set up, so they’re the most used systems. Infrared transmission systems use electromagnetic radiation. Even though they have a shorter range, they are immune to radio interference so they’re mostly used when security is of the utmost importance.
  • Microphones and Headsets- These must be of excellent quality to prevent outside noises from bleeding in causing a distraction and disrupting the meeting.
  • Portable Equipment- When you need interpretation equipment on the go, the portable carry case contains a headset, two microphones and a transmitter.

When you use our services, a technician will set up, check and monitor the equipment to ensure it works correctly throughout the entire meeting. We will also remove the equipment and clean up the site after the conference is over.

Why Choosing Quality Equipment Is So Important

Holding international business meetings is a huge task and the success of these meetings depends on your ability to communicate efficiently. Your goal is to show the attendees how your company can benefit them whether you’re discussing a partnership with other professionals in the industry or promoting a new product or service.

The equipment you use will determine how well the communications go. If it breaks down in the middle of the meeting, that will create a bad impression on your business. The same is true if you’re not clearly transmitting the messages due to poor equipment. We can help make your meetings a success by providing quality interpretation equipment you can depend on along with professional simultaneous interpretation services.

The Medical Industry and Interpretation Services

DoctorHealth care providers have a huge responsibility to provide patients with the best medical care possible. When you walk into any medical center, you trust the doctors, nurses and the rest of the staff to help you with whatever problem you’re dealing with but that can be difficult if you can’t communicate with them efficiently.

As soon as you enter any type of medical facility, you’re required to provide the staff with your complete medical history. This includes everything from what medications you’re currently taking to what allergies you have.

You’ll also need to explain the reason for your visit, describe your symptoms to the staff and let them know when the problem first started. In the event you’ve been involved in some type of accident and sent directly to a hospital, a family member or friend will need to provide as much information as possible to the staff.

This type of information is crucial in providing you with quality service but imagine trying to answer all of these questions when you can’t speak, read or understand the language. The lack of communication would cause all types of problems and interfere with you getting the care you need and deserve.

Interpretation Services Play an Important Role in the Medical Industry

As technology continues to advance, people travel and settling down in different countries from where they were born. As a result, you have a variety of languages spoken in every country. The medical industry is the one place where communicating efficiently is essential to the health and well-being of the patients.

Without this line of communication, doctors will have to treat the patient based on what they see and hope they make the right diagnoses with what little information they do have. In many cases, it will take longer to determine the problem and they have to hope the patient doesn’t have some underlying condition or be on some type of medication that will cause complications. Fortunately, interpretation services have eliminated this problem.

Healthcare Interpreters and Translators

Interpretation services include both interpreters and translators. They work in every area of the facility to help the medical staff provide excellent patient care. Here at UniVerse Language Solution, we will provide your facility with the interpretation services you need to communicate efficiently with your patients.

Our interpreters and translators have extensive knowledge in the healthcare industry. They have the ability to not only interpret and translate the language they specialize in but they’re also trained in their particular medical field and they’re familiar with all medical terminology.

Our professional interpreters will act as liaison between your staff and patients by accurately and efficiently relaying all information needed to provide quality care. We’ll assist with consultations, answer questions, relay instructions and make sure the patient and their family understands everything that’s going on.

Our translators will translate all documents and written information including medical history, instructions for medication and patient care along with all insurance information and similar documents. We understand how proper communication is necessary in order for your facility to provide quality care for your patients and we’re here to help.


Cultural Sensitivity Is a Part of International Marketing

global or local national or international impact services busineInternational marketing can open up many new doors for your company but before you market your products to a foreign country, you must be aware of cultural sensitivity. If you fail to recognize the cultural differences, moral and religious beliefs of the clients you’re trying to do business with, there’s a good chance you’ll run into trouble.

If you offend your clients by doing something considered disrespectful in their country, the damage may be too great to fix and this happens more often than you might think. Some cultures even consider something as simple as having one hand in your pocket when shaking hands with a client offensive and it could cost you a major deal.

Not understanding that cultural sensitivity is a part of international marketing has been the demise of many companies hoping to expand their business but you can take steps to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes.

Cultural Sensitivity Requires Knowledge of the Country

After determining which country you plan to extend your marketing efforts to, take time to research it. Learn about the history, culture and common practices. The more you know, the easier it will be for you to address your clients in a friendly and professional manner.

Learning some common phrases of the native language spoken is a great way to show your clients respect. It shows that you’re taking business seriously and that will help build a strong relationship between you and your clients. Doing research will also ensure that you know how to interact with your clients in a way that is respectful no matter what the situation is but that’s just the beginning.

Hire an Interpretation Service

While doing your research and learning a little of the language is a good start and a great way to make a good impression, it’s not enough to actually conduct business. You’ll also need to hire a language interpretation service. This will give you access to resources such as conference interpretation and translation services that you’ll need to conduct business efficiently.

You can’t market products to consumers that you can’t communicate with and you can’t learn every language well enough to speak it fluently. Using an interpretation service will take care of that problem. They’ll have the type of interpreter and translator needed to handle all communications in a professional and proficient manner. You’ll also have access to interpretation equipment as needed and the company will set up and monitor the equipment. They will even clean up everything after the meetings so you don’t have to worry about it.

When speaking directly to clients, remember to speak clearly and at a normal rate. If you slur your words or talk too fast, it will be difficult for them to understand what you’re saying even if they do speak a little of your language. Speaking to someone too slowly is insulting and the last thing you want to do is insult a potential client.

International marketing has many advantages but you need to be prepared and have the knowledge and resources available to communication efficiently if you want to succeed. Do your research and hire a good reputable interpretation service you can depend on and you’ll be on your way to success.

Foreign Communications Require Interpretation Services

Woman With GlobalBefore you extend your marketing efforts internationally, you’ll need to acquire interpretation services. You may consider hiring an interpreter or translator individually but this option is not practical for marketing purposes. You’ll need a different interpreter for each language spoken and for each type of job.

If you go this route, you’ll spend a lot of time making calls and trying to find someone everytime you need a different service. In addition, there’s no guarantee that the person you hire for a job will be available the next time you need them, which means you’ll have to start the process over to find somebody else.

Things can get complicated and confusing very quickly and you may find yourself in need of a service you don’t have at the most inopportune time. When you hire a reliable company for job, you never have to worry because the services you need will be available to you, when you need them. This is just one of the reasons why foreign communications require interpretation services.

You’ll have Access to More Than One Interpreter

When you use an interpretation service, they’ll employ a variety of interpreters that speak several different languages. They will send out the interpreter(s) you need based on the situation. You never have to worry about not having the right person for the job.

A large interpretation service will also have professional translators to help you translate your contracts and other documents into your client’s language and their paperwork into your language. You should never sign any contracts until a professional you trust completely translates it for you, so this service is vital to the success of your company.

You’ll Have Access to Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

When you first begin dealing with foreign clients, you may only need a consecutive interpreter to relay messages between you and one other person. However, as you begin to explore the foreign market, your communication needs may expand to include setting up large business meetings or international conferences with potential clients. When this happens, you’ll need simultaneous interpretation and it requires access to a variety of sophisticated equipment.

If you’re dealing with an individual interpreter, then you’ll most likely end up having to buy this equipment yourself or you’ll need to rent it from a company that offers interpretation services. However, if you’re already using this service, you’ll have access to everything you need to begin setting up meetings with foreign clients.

In short, an interpretation service can provide for all of your foreign marketing needs involving communications. You can deal with just one company for all your needs making it more convenient and efficient. As a result, your company will appear more professional and it’ll help build trust between you and your foreign clients. It will also help save you time because all you need to do is make one phone call and they will handle the rest.

Once you choose to market your company internationally, many doors will begin to open up but you need to be ready to take advantage of them. Having an interpretation service available that you know you can depend on will help ensure you’re ready for whatever opportunities lie ahead. We can give you a price quote today if you need help.


Buying Real Estate in a Foreign Country: You Need Interpretation Services

The word Translate on a red computer keyboard key or button to iAre you in the business of buying real estate? Are you ready to expand your company to include property in a foreign country? Doing business abroad has never been easier than it is today and it opens up so many new doors for your business to grow and prosper. However, it doesn’t come without challenges especially when trying to communicate.

For this reason, you need to look for a good, dependable interpretation service that has both interpreters and translators as soon as you choose which country to visit. Buying real estate in a foreign country can be difficult due to the language and cultural differences but interpretation services can help make the process go smoothly.

You Need to Communicate to Do Business

Before buying real estate, you’ll need to travel to the country where you plan to do business and look for the right piece of property for your needs. While there, you’ll need to communicate with the locals in order to do business and that is where you’ll need an escort interpreter. This professional will travel with you and interpret all conversations to ensure your messages are being communicated efficiently.

Since he will have extensive knowledge of the culture he can make sure you don’t do anything that would be considered offensive while trying to conduct your business. The interpreter will accompany you to the property so you can ask questions while looking over the real estate. This way, you can point out anything that you believe might pose a problem. He can even help you negotiate the price of the property.

In addition to making sure all business is conducted in a professional manner, the escort interpreter can make your trip more enjoyable. He can help you read menus and place orders in restaurants and help you communicate with the hotel staff during your stay. If you want do a little sightseeing while visiting the new country, he can even help you figure out where to go and what to do.

Translators Are Needed to Close the Deal

Once all the negotiations are over and it’s time to do the paperwork, you’re going to need two translators to make sure all contracts and other documents are in order before you can close the deal. One translator will translate all of the contracts and documents into the other language and the other one will translate everything back into your language.

Once you sign the paperwork, all contracts are binding so you don’t want to get into a deal and find out you misunderstood the details. It’s much better to have this service up front to make sure everything is done in a professional and efficient manner right from the beginning so you don’t have to worry later.

Translation services will ensure both parties know exactly what the deal entails so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you should close the deal. When buying real estate in a foreign country, you can’t afford to make mistakes and the only way to prevent this from happening, is to have clear communication with the other party in all areas.

Choose an Interpretation Service for All Your Needs

Happy woman with headset pointing - isolated over a white backgrAs you introduce your company to the foreign market, you’ll need to choose a good interpretation service to accompany you on all your international endeavors. Communication is vital in any business deal, so making sure you have a way to get your messages across efficiently is top priority. Hiring an interpretation service is the best way to ensure you have the means to conduct business in an efficient and professional manner.

However, it’s vital that you choose a company with a good reputation for providing excellent service. Miscommunications can cause serious problems for your business, which means you can’t afford to hire just anyone for the job. Do your research, ask for references and check the credentials of the professionals working for the company you’re considering before you make a commitment.

Consider the Services Offered

There are many companies to choose from that offer different types interpreters and translators. However, when you’re extending your marketing efforts internationally, it’s important to find the one that offers a variety of services.

When you begin to venture out into the foreign market, you’ll encounter a wide variety of languages and cultures, which means that you’ll need a service with the ability to accommodate all of your interpretation needs. Having one company to provide all of your services is more efficient and less confusing than using several different companies for each job.

The company you choose should have multiple interpreters and translators with extensive knowledge of your particular industry. For example, if your company deals with medical equipment, the professionals you hire should have knowledge of the medical industry, so they can interrupt your conversations correctly and efficiently.

The company should also have translators who work with translating documents and other written text in a variety of different languages. Everytime you close a deal or present a proposal that information will need to be translated into the language of the clients you’re dealing with. All of their written responses, contracts and proposals will also need to be translated from their language to yours. The only way you can ensure all of the information is correct, is to have experienced professionals translating the information for you.

The service you choose should also have access to a wide variety of interpretation equipment to suit any need. There will be times when consecutive interpretation will be efficient but other times, simultaneous interpretation may be required and you’ll need to be prepared.

Don’t Choose a Company Based on Price

Getting quotes from the different companies will help you compare cost but don’t make a choice by price alone. Look at the services rendered for the price offered and choose the company that offers the most professional services for the best price. If a company offers a low price for interpretation services but don’t provide translation services, then you’ll still need to find another company to handle that job so you’re not really saving anything.

Having one service for all of your interpretation needs will ensure everything goes much smoother and more efficiently. In addition, you’ll always have access to the services and equipment you need to help make all of your foreign endeavors more successful.

Which Type of Language Interpretation Do You Need?

language interpretation Have you decided to expand your marketing efforts to include the foreign market? Then you’ll eventually need language interpretation services to help you communication efficiently. You cannot conduct business when neither of you understand the language spoken but you can break down the language barrier when you hire an interpreter to work with your company.

There is a growing need for language interpretation as more companies are going global but before you hire a firm to work with your company, you have to answer one question. Which type of language interpretation do you need? It’s vital that you choose the right type of interpreter or things can get very confusing.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretations are the two main types of services available. Even though both types of professionals interpret and relay the information spoken, there is a big difference in the way the two jobs are performed. Knowing the difference will help you find the best interpretation services for your needs.

How Simultaneous Interpretation Works

As the name implies, the interpreter will listen to each speaker talk and interpret what is being said simultaneously. In other words, he is listening to you speak and talking in the other language at the same time. This is very difficult to do and requires a great deal of concentration. Imagine how difficult it would be for the average person to perform this task when repeating the message in the same language. Listening to it and then interpreting it into a different language is quite impressive.

Due to the difficulty of this type of interpretation, the simultaneous interpreter sits inside a soundproof booth to eliminate any outside noise that can interfere with his concentration. He will listen to the speaker through a headset and speak into a microphone that sends his message to the proper audience.

As you can imagine, this type of language interpretation is very strenuous and the interpreter will need to rest every twenty minutes or so. If you can’t take long breaks during your meeting or conference, then you’ll need two interpreters. You’ll also need to allow them a few minutes to switch places every twenty minutes so they can stay fresh and alert.

How Consecutive Interpretation Works

The consecutive interpreter will go back and forth between two speakers and interpreter what each one says. The person speaking will say a sentence or two and pause. During the pause, the interpreter will interpret what was said to the other speaker. Then the second speaker will respond and pause as the interpreter interprets his reply and the cycle continues until the meeting is finished. These meetings can take place in person, by video chat or by conference calls.

Consecutive interpretation is less expensive than simultaneous interpretation because you don’t need special equipment and if the meetings are short, you won’t need but one interpreter. Both require the interpreter to have extensive knowledge of both languages spoken, along with an understanding of the vocabulary and culture associated with each language. The interpreters should have the ability to speak clearly and they’ll always present themselves in a professional and friendly manner.

When hiring a language interpretation service consider your needs carefully, so you can hire the right interpreter for the job. This will help to make all of your foreign marketing endeavors a success.