The advantages of hiring a Simultaneous Interpretation provider owned & operated by practicing Language Interpreters.

Here’s a Huge Industry SECRET You Need To Know!

Once upon a time, I worked as a Software Engineer for one of the largest corporations on the planet (hint:  they make refrigerators and jet engines,…).  And as you might expect, for the most part,… we lowly engineers were managed by,… well,… managers.  Managers meaning non-engineer types.  Our bosses had accounting, business, management degrees,… but very few were actually engineers who had spent time in the trenches like us.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Can’t you debug that Operating System any faster?

So, we had non-engineers telling real engineers what to do and how to do it.  Getting the picture?  You’re right.  Doesn’t sound like a good idea does it?  Well, we didn’t think so either.  Can’t even begin to count the times when we were asked (told) to do something that made no sense at all, or just plain couldn’t be done, from a software point of view.  So many times it just seemed like the case where “They didn’t know what they didn’t know”.

Well, what does all that have to do with Simultaneous Interpretation?  I’m pretty sure you’ve already figured that out.  You just can’t beat an organization where the Owners/Operators/Managers have done, or still do, what their organization provides.  And that’s exactly what you have with Universe.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Carlos Solis

Universe’s owners, Carlos Solis and Giovanna Serrano, originally entered the industry as Spanish Interpreters.

Then after years  “In The Trenches” they made the natural transition – from individual Simultaneous Interpreters to Simultaneous Interpretation Service Providers.  So, Universe Language Solutions was born!

Simultaneous Interpretation

Giovanna Seranno

These days, Carlos mainly runs the technical part of the business while Giovanna handles the business end.  But they both still, on occasion, “Man The Booth”.

So given their background and experience, they know First-Hand:

  • How to tell a good interpreter from a marginal interpreter.
  • What type of environment an Interpreter needs to perform well.
  • How to match Interpreters (skills & background) to the intended audience.
  • What it’s like trying to interpret using wrong or inadequate equipment.
  • What the assigned Technician/Conference Manager must do to execute a clean, problem-free event.
  • What assortment of equipment will be best for any particular event?
  • The value of providing the Interpreters with specific, presentation content prior to the start of the event.
  • How to coordinate Interpreters, Technicians, Equipment, Shipping, Transportation, Contracts, Schedules,… to insure a successful event!

Now the obvious “Flip Side” of this coin is that, from what we’ve seen and heard, most other Simultaneous Interpretation providers are NOT Owned/Operated/Managed by interpreters.  Many are not even bilingual.  Now I’m not saying that they can’t effectively manage their business or execute successful events,…

But, you just can’t argue with the benefits (tangible & intangible) of:

  • Talking To
  • Coordinating With
  • Depending Upon
  • Brainstorming With
  • Negotiating With
  • Developing/Changing Schedules
  • Working With

Someone who’s “Been There and Done That”!

OK, I think I’ve made my case.  So you can rest assured that, when you work with Universe, you’ll be working with an extremely capable, well-seasoned “Pro”.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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