Global Marketing Tips for Your Growing Business

global marketing tipsThe way you market your products has a major impact on the success of your business. When you choose the right marketing techniques, it’ll create interest in your company but it takes time to discover what works for your particular type of business. You need to use a variety of techniques to help you reach more potential customers and you’ll need to update your strategies to match the changes that take place as your company grows.

For example, once your company begins marketing your products on a global scale, you’ll need to make changes to your marketing strategies. Your goal is to match the needs of the consumer in the foreign country in which you choose to expand your business. While it will take some trial and error to find the techniques that work best for your particular company, the global marketing tips below will help your growing business get you off to a great start.

Global Marketing Should Include Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites will help you establish yourself as an expert and build your reputation as a company you can trust. Consumers all over the world use social networks to follow the companies they have an interest in and it’s also a chance for you to get to know your audience better. You can learn what consumers look for and expect in your products and this will help you cater to their needs better. You can also join social media discussion groups associated with your industry to attract attention to your company.

Hire an Interpretation Service

Global marketing is full of new challenges and communicating efficiently with your new target audience is one of them. You need an interpretation service to help you bridge the communication gap but to understand the wants, needs and buying habits of your new audience, you have to understand their culture.

Here at UniVerse Language Solutions, our experts have extensive knowledge of the culture and buying habits associated with the language in which they specialize. In other words, they have the skills to ensure proper communication and to help you understand your target audience better. You can contact us to request a free quote for our services and to learn more about our company.

Promote What Your Products Can Do

One very effective way to get consumer attention is to promote what your products can do, not the product itself. Consumers are shopping for products or services that solve the everyday problems they encounter. For example, the mother of a bored toddler is looking for ways to keep her child happy and entertained throughout the day.

The company that shows the mom how their products will keep children entertained for hours while providing mental or physical stimulation solves her problem and that is the company that will get her business. Consumers all over the globe look for the products that will take care of their needs, so when you solve problems with your products, your business will grow.

These global marketing tips can help your company successfully introduce your products or services to foreign consumers as your business continues to grow.

Website SEO Tips for International Marketing


As you may already know, search engine optimization is a very important part of your online marketing strategy. It’s how users find you when searching for the products you offer. If you don’t update your SEO tactics as soon as changes take place or if you’re not using it correctly, your business will suffer especially when you’re targeting consumers in a foreign country.

Your website is the main link between you and your international customers. It gives them a way to learn about the products that you have to offer. It makes it possible to reach consumers that you wouldn’t be able to reach with any other method but it’s not going to be effective if your site is not showing up in searches. You need to use good SEO techniques or no one will be able to find you.

Five Website SEO Tips for International Marketing

When you begin marketing your products internationally, you’ll need to make changes in your SEO techniques to match your target audience. The techniques you’re using now will not be effective because of the cultural differences.

Below are five website SEO tips for international marketing that will help move you up in search rank so your targeted audience can find you:

  1. Use Relevant Keywords- The keywords and phrases you use will be different for each country, so simply translating the keywords you use now is not effective. You’ll need to do extensive research to determine what is most relevant to your new audience.
  2. Understand Consumer Buying Habits- When you understand the buying habits of these consumers, it will help you choose relevant keywords because you’ll know the common phrases they use when searching for products. This is where professional translation services can really make a difference.
  3. Build Quality Back Links- Quality back links from reliable sources will tell search engines that your site has valuable information and that will help move you up in rank where users can find you easier.
  4. Monitor Your Keywords- Monitoring your keywords will help you determine which ones are working and which ones need to be replaced. Tools like Google Analytics will help you monitor the effectiveness of your keywords and more.
  5. Use Keywords Properly- All keywords need to describe the product or associated content accurately in order to be effective. Use your main keywords in your titles, the beginning of the text, once in the content and in your descriptions.

Here at UniVerse Language Solutions, we offer website translations and our translators have extensive knowledge of the culture associated with the languages they specialize in.

Post Content Relevant to Your Targeted Audience

The content you post must be relevant to your targeted audience. It’s not enough to simply have the content you’re using locally translated because consumers in a foreign country are not going to be interested in the same information that your current visitors enjoy.

Some of the information will be the same such as content on how to use certain products correctly but they’ll also want to see content that is relevant to their particular area. By providing good, quality content specific to the area you’re targeting, you’ll attract more viewers, which will help move you up in rank.

Using good SEO techniques is a vital part of international marketing and these tips will help ensure your website is showing up in searches.

Professional Document Translation Services

Hpaperworkow much paperwork does your company deal with on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Even small businesses seem to have tons of paperwork and it increase as your company grows. Once you begin marketing your products internationally, you’re going to need document translation services to help you keep all of your paperwork in order.

Professional translators have the experience needed to work with high volumes of paperwork and still maintain accuracy. They also have access to all the latest technology, tools and software programs needed to translate faster while still providing excellent service. When you use professional document translation services, you also have access to a wide variety of translators when you need them.

Document Translation Services Handle All Types of Paperwork

One of the main benefits of using a translation service is that they have different professionals qualified to translate all types of documents. If you hire translators individually, you would need a different person for each specific job and that can get very confusing and expensive.

The type of documents you need translated will depend on your specific industry but some of the most common associated with businesses include:

  • Contracts
  • Manuals
  • Correspondence
  • Websites
  • Advertisements
  • Notices
  • Financial Information
  • Legal Documents

Someone who specializes in translating financial documents would not be qualified to translate legal documents. Therefore, using a service that provides expert translations for all types of documents will help keep things running smoothly.

Here at UniVerse Language Solutions, we will assign the right professional to each job to ensure you’re receiving the very best service possible. You can rest easy knowing that the correct terminology is used and that all translations are consistent throughout all documents.

Qualities of a Professional Document Translator

Mistakes of any kind can hurt a business financially and they can damage your reputation. For this reason, you have to be very careful who you hire to represent your company. The same is true when you hire a document translator because you need someone you can depend on to provide you with accurate translations or your business will suffer.

Below are three qualities of a professional translator:

  • Experience- They will have prior experience translating documents for both your specific industry and the language being translated.
  • Credibility- The translator will have a reputation of being reliable and trustworthy, which is vital since company documents contain private information that must be kept confidential.
  • Dependability- They will provide accurate translations and do so within the timeframe allowed to ensure you meet all deadlines.

Our translators possess all of these qualities and you can rest assured you will always receive the very best service available. Give us a call to request a free quote or to learn more about the many services we provide.

When you first begin marketing internationally, you may not have a lot of documents to translate but as your business grows so will the workload. We have the resources and experience to take care of all your language translation and interpretation needs.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Translation Services

vMost all growing companies eventually go global, especially now that it’s so easy to conduct business on a global scale. This type of marketing will require different techniques and strategies than what you’re used to. For example, you’ll need interpretation services to ensure that you have the means to communicate with your foreign clients efficiently. However, many executives don’t think about the importance of having translation services, until they begin dealing with tons of paperwork.

At first, it may seem like it would be easy and less expensive to take care of all translations internally using translation software. This may actually work for a little while but as your company grows, it will quickly become overwhelming. You risk making mistakes that can have an adverse effect on your company. Using a professional service right from the start offers many benefits that you should consider carefully, before making the decision to take care of all translations internally.

Translation Services Help You Provide Better, More Professional Service

When you use professional translation services, you can provide your clients with better service because everything will be handled in a fast and efficient manner at all times. These professionals will ensure all documents are translated correctly, so you don’t have to deal with embarrassing mistakes that could damage your reputation.

If legal documents are not translated correctly, you may find yourself caught up in legal issues that could take a major toll on your finances but you won’t have to worry when you’re using a reliable translation service. It will also make it possible for you to meet deadlines and provide better customer support that will enhance business and help your company continue to grow.

You’ll have Access to More Resources

As your company grows, you’ll need access to more resources to keep up with all the documents that pass through your company. Here at uniVerse Language Solution, we offer a wide variety of both interpretation and translation services to meet all of your foreign marketing needs.

Our expert translators have experience working with all types of documents and we even offer website translations. We’ll help your company stay organized and provide you with expert advice that will help you meet the needs of your foreign clients.

It Will Help You Define Your Company’s Language Style and Tone

When managing translations internally, it can be difficult to stay consistent when it comes to your language style and tone because you may find it necessary to assign this task to different people within the firm. Since everyone does things differently, it can get confusing for you and your clients.

Maintaining consistency with all documents requires everything to be translated the same, using the same terminology. Using translation services will help your company maintain consistency that will define your company’s language style and tone.

Using a language translation service offers many benefits especially when you begin using the service right from the start. We have the resources and experience needed to help your company maintain consistency with your translations, so you can provide excellent service to your clients.

Interpretation Equipment and Rentals

Interpreting equipmentIf one’s line of work includes interacting with foreign partners, then multilingual meetings represent one of the key activities, where the most important aspect is making sure the interpretation part is done professionally and impeccably.

Taking care of this matter is two-fold – finding the right interpreter and acquiring the best interpretation equipment. It is rather challenging to manage sensitive business matters through these meetings without being able to communicate directly, so make sure that the channels through which the translated messages reach everyone are above all reliable and top quality.

The Types of Interpretation Equipment to Choose From

When deciding on the right type of technical support of interpretation, there are several options to choose from, depending on your preferences and capabilities. In brief, there are two main wireless technologies for transmitting the interpreted messages: the radio and the infrared. Radio frequency equipment is easy to install, provides good quality of sound, has a wide coverage and rejects radio interference to a high degree. Infrared systems, on the other hand, are trickier to install, but they are immune to radio interference and they provide a higher transmission security. However, radio equipment has the comparative advantage of being portable and it can also be used for the outdoors activities, which is not the case with the infrared equipment. So choosing the right option requires certain considerations first.

What To Consider When Choosing the Type of Equipment

Before one decides to rent out an interpretation equipment, one should think about different aspects of the event. First of all, the type of venue and the size of audience have a significant impact on your final choice. Then there is a question of how portable you need your equipment to be. Will the interpreter be in a soundproof booth? If so, what will be the location of the booth and is there an additional equipment a booth may require? Will there be a two-way communication and do you need a multi-channel receivers? Will there be two working languages or more? If there are more than two languages, will there be separate transmitters for each language or separate booths for each language? There are indeed many questions to be answered, but the more detailed the requirements, the better set of equipment will be chosen in the end.

A Range of Interpretation Products

Simultaneous interpretation is a sensitive and complex process. A line of conditions needs to met in order for the whole performance to go smoothly and flawlessly. Therefore, there is a whole range of products that the proper equipment consists of and it includes interpretation booths, interpreter consoles, headphones and microphones for interpreter(s), headphones for audience, microphones for speakers, wireless transmitters and receivers. All these separate products have a range of their own and making the best choice is again dependent on the features of the event, the venue and ones preferences. Finally, with the maximum information about the occasion at disposal and in consultations the equipment provider, the final result will be an enjoyable experience with simultaneous interpretation.


How Your Company Can Benefit from Language Interpretation Services

Ok GestureIf you plan to market your products in a foreign country, you need language interpretation services. You must have the means to communicate with your clients and potential business partners efficiently in person and in writing. When negotiations are taking place, you don’t have the time to look up the words you don’t know in a language interpretation book and you certainly can’t afford to make a mistake.

One wrong word or one insulting gesture could blow a multimillion-dollar contact away. You need to earn respect for your company in the new country and you cannot do that if there is a communication gap. This is why you need interpretation services when conducting business internationally. These professionals do so much more than just communicate words. They help you build a working relationship with your clients that will help your company succeed.

Benefits Language Interpretation Services Offer

In addition to making it easy to communicate in a different language, interpretation services offer many benefits. For example, it can save you a lot of time. All you need to do is speak naturally as if you’re talking directly to the person and the interpreter will interpret your message. A professional interpreter can make the whole experience go so smoothly that you won’t even think about him being there.

Below are a few more benefits that using language interpretation services offer:

  • Expressing your thoughts and intentions can be difficult in any language but it’s even more difficult when you’re talking to someone who speaks a different language. Professional interpreters will ensure your messages are expressed in a clear and easy to understand manner that will help you avoid confusion and misunderstandings.
  • It shows respect for your clients because you took the effort to communicate with them in their own language. They don’t have to do anything special to hear what you have to say and they don’t have to sit patiently and listen while you struggle to get your point across.
  • It shows professionalism and helps to builds respect for your company. After all, it’s much easier to respect and listen to a company that takes the initiative to bridge the communication gap in a professional manner.

Language interpretation and translation services also make it possible for you to be confident in all of your foreign marketing endeavors.

Conduct Business with Confidence

When you use interpretation services, you can conduct business with confidence knowing that your clients are receiving the right messages. The interpreter will have the skills and knowledge to translate the meaning of the message not just the words, which is very important since some words have totally different meanings in other countries.

You don’t have to worry about offending your clients because you made a simple gesture deemed rude or inappropriate. Our experts are familiar with the customs and cultural differences between countries as well as the language spoken, which brings us to another excellent reason for using these services. You’ll have access to interpreters and translators experienced in a wide variety of languages that include the following:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • French
  • Russian

This gives you an idea of the different languages our expert interpreters and translators work with regularly. Give us a call to learn more about the services we provide and the benefits we can offer your company.

How to Build Global Awareness for Your Brand

Image of Earth planet in human hands. Protect planet. Elements oBuilding brand awareness is an essential part of building a successful business. It takes a lot of time and hard work to build a brand that people recognize but when done right your company will prosper. Once you have established your brand in your home country, you’ve built a reputation for your business that you can use to market your products or services on a global scale.

The important thing to remember is that the methods you’ve used in the past may not be effective when marketing abroad. You’ll need to change your strategies and cater your marketing efforts to match the needs of the new consumers you’re targeting and the following tips can help.

Build Global Awareness for Your Brand by Understanding Your Customers

If you want people to remember your brand, then you need to understand your customers and appeal to their wants and needs. For example, you need to know when and where they shop. What are they looking for in a product? How often do they shop? What is the average yearly income?

All of these are things you need to know in order to market your product effectively and build brand awareness anywhere but especially when you’re targeting a foreign country. You need to understand your customers and learn as much about their shopping habits as possible, before you can build global awareness for your brand.

Speak Their Language

You’ve probably heard many times that communication is key to running a successful business. You need proper communication within your company so everyone stays on the same page but you also need to communicate with consumers, associates and other professionals within the industry. When marketing internationally, communication becomes more difficult because of the language barrier but there is a solution.

Through proper language interpretation and translations, you’ll have the tools to communicate efficiently. You’ll also know exactly how your brand translates in the new language and it’ll help you avoid making mistakes that insult or confuse foreign consumers. By speaking the language and respecting the culture of the targeted country, you’ll make a good impression that will help you build global awareness for your brand.

You’ll also need to make a big online impression through website localization. In other words, you’ll need your website translated into various languages to match the language spoken by your targeted audience. This will make your company more appealing to foreign consumers and help them remember your brand better. You’ll need to do the same with your advertisements and all other information that you want to provide.

Consumer needs change depending on location, which means you have to change your marketing strategies to match in order to build awareness on a global scale. Learn how the market works in the new country, get to know and understand the consumers and their buying habits and use professional interpretation and translation services to communicate more efficiently. Following these tips will help you successfully market your business in a foreign country, so you can build global awareness and enjoy the same success you’ve achieved in your home country.

International Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

businessman with financial symbols coming from handWhen marketing a business internationally, you can’t use the same strategies that made your business a success in your home country. The type of currency used, the laws associated with transporting goods and the language spoken are some of the differences you’ll need to deal with but that’s not all.

Consumer buying habits and needs will also be much different, which means that you can’t use the same strategies that have led you to success in your home country. You’ll need to adjust your strategies to match these changes and avoid the three most common international marketing mistakes below.

Not Changing Your Marketing Strategies to Match Consumer Needs

One of the biggest mistakes companies make with international marketing is trying to market their business in the same way they do in their own country. This is not going to work for several reasons but mainly because people are different and they expect different things from the products they use.

The buying habits of your targeted audience will be much different from what you’re used to. For example, where and when consumers buy along with what items they buy the most will not be the same, which means the marketing methods needed to reach these consumers will also be different.

While there may be a few items that sell well in both countries, most consumers in the foreign country will be interested in different products. In fact, you may find that a specific item that barely gets any sales in your home country is quite popular in another. You must learn the difference in the cultures and do research to discover which items are the most valuable to these consumers and market accordingly.

Not Using Online Resources Appropriately

When it comes to online marketing, your website does matter. You need website translation to translate your information into the language spoken by the consumers in the country you’re targeting. You should do the same with your social media sites so consumers can get to know you better in their language.

Consumers will be more likely to consider using your company when the information is in their own language. All of your ads should also be in the native language of the targeted country and that is something else that our professionals here at UniVerse Language Solutions can help with.

Not Using Professional Interpretation Services

The importance of hiring a professional interpretation service can’t be stressed enough. Proper communication is an essential part of running any business and you can’t afford to take chances. There’s more to interpreting languages than simply translating the words. For example, you need to interpret the meaning of the words because they have different meanings in different languages. If you just interpret the words, you may be sending the wrong message.

Another reason to use professional interpretation services is that these experts can help your company avoid embarrassing situation such as having a slogan that is insulting or that means something inappropriate in the new language.

By avoiding these common international marketing mistakes, you’ll greatly improve your odds of success when venturing into the foreign market.

How to Make Your Company Stand Out in the Foreign Market

Portrait of smiling male teacher and student in front of chalkboInternational marketing has opened doors for many companies by providing ways to expand your business across the globe but you’ll still face a lot of competition. For this reason, you need to find ways to make your company stand out in the foreign market. You need to show how your business is different from all the rest and give consumers a reason to choose you over your competitors.

Great customer service and quality products are necessities that will help your company grow and prosper. Consumers look for these two qualities in a company but it’s not always enough to make you stand out from everyone else. This is why you need to take steps to show your targeted audience why choosing your company is beneficial to them.

Stand Out in the Foreign Market by Offering Something Unique

One way to stand out from your competitors is to offer something unique that no one else in your industry provides. You could offer free shipping on all your merchandise, give special discounts for popular items or design a product that no one else in the industry carries.

It doesn’t really matter what you offer as long as it’s something unique and interesting. Your goal is to entice them to choose your company over the competitors but to do that, you’ll need to capture the attention of your targeted audience.

Maintain an Open Line of Communication

When traveling to a foreign country or when setting up conferences and other marketing events, you know ahead of time that you’ll need a way to communicate with those who speak a different language. You have time to prepare for these events but there will be times when you’ll need these services unexpectedly.

Having the means to communicate efficiently with foreign clients in a moment’s notice will help your company stand out. It shows that you are serious about providing the best service possible and that will help build a trusting relationship with your clients.

By working with our professionals here at UniVerse Language Solutions, you’ll have access to the services you need, when you need them. Contact us for more information on how we can take care of all of your interpretation and translation needs.

Create a Strong Identity for Your Brand

Your identity defines your brand and helps consumers recognize you when they see your logo or hear your slogan. This is why it’s so important for you to create a strong identity for your brand. Start by creating a vision statement that explains your company’s goal for the future and find ways to develop your brands personality.

The way consumers view your company will affect the experience they have when using your products or services. Developing your brand’s personality, will help create a strong identity for your company that consumers will remember whenever they need the items that you provide.

Successful companies make a lasting impression on consumers and applying these tips to your marketing strategies will help your company stand out in the foreign market.

Whispering Interpretation Services

Woman Shows LoopholeWhispering interpretation is the simplest form of language interpretation used because you don’t need any type of equipment to perform this service. The interpreter doesn’t actually whisper because that would strain the vocal cords after a few minutes. Instead, he’ll speak in a normal voice but using a very low tone so he does not disturb others in the room.

One interpreter can only interpret to one or maybe two people since he is speaking in a low, soft voice. If more than a couple of people need the information interpreted, then you’ll need more than one interpreter or a different type of interpretation service.

This type of interpreter is most often used when negotiating business privately with a client or when holding small informal group meetings. The interpreter will stand or sit beside of you in the meeting and interpret the information directly to you. Whispering interpretation services is also used during site visits because the interpreter can easily walk along beside you since there is no equipment needed.

If you plan to travel to a foreign country for business or pleasure, the whispering interpreter can also travel with you as a personal escort to make your trip more productive. For whatever reason you need this type of service, you do need a qualified interpreter that you can depend on to do a professional job.

Professional Whispering Interpretation Services Is Necessary

Even though this type of language interpreting is the most casual of all services provided, you still need the information to be interpreted in a professional and efficient manner. For this reason, an experienced and knowledgeable interpreter such as the ones here at UniVerse Language Solutions should perform the whispering interpretation.

In the event you need to address the speakers, the interpreter can interpret your message for you. However, if you think this will be necessary, discuss it with the interpreter in advance to make sure you’re getting the right kind of service. Every situation is different, so you might benefit more from a different type of language interpreter depending on the circumstances.

Work With the Interpreter to Prepare for Your Meetings

Before any meeting, talk to your interpreter and let him know exactly what to expect. He needs to know what type of meeting you’re attending along with the subject discussed. This will ensure your interpreter has the knowledge and skills to interpret the information correctly. For example, you don’t want a medical interpreter to accompany you to a meeting where the topic of discussion focuses on scientific material. He wouldn’t have the skills and training to do the job properly.

If you plan to visit a site or attend a dinner to continue the negotiations over a meal, the interpreter also needs to know all the details in advance so he can plan properly. Everything will go much smoother when you provide adequate information in advance.

The goal of the whispering interpreter is interpret the information in such a way that it does not interrupt the meeting or disturb others around you. A well-prepared, professional interpreter will ensure everything goes according to plan.